Managing 50+ blogs on

From Khoi Vinh's ongoing Q&A session: Over the past two-plus years, as The Times newsroom has embraced blogging with tremendous alacrity, we've created over 150 blogs, and over a third of those remain active today. The challenge is even more complex when you consider that, though each blog has its own needs, the vast majority...

Read this post in Safari 3.1

Safari 3.1 (released yesterday) offers support for some new HTML & CSS features. There’s a demo on MacRumors. One of the most exciting, I think, is downloadable font support — you can link to actual font files from the CSS instead of having to use the common “web safe” fonts. All of these features are...

Apple’s design process presented at SXSW

Via BusinessWeek. Many of Apple’s unique design methods are discussed in this article, but this one caught my eye: Apple designers come up with 10 entirely different mock ups of any new feature. Not, Lopp said, “seven in order to make three look good”, which seems to be a fairly standard practice elsewhere. They’ll take...

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design or walmart

A website from Graydon Parrish, a painter, and Mikhail Simkin, an electrical engineer at UCLA, Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture challenges people to choose between the work of Donald Judd and furniture from Walmart. It’s an interesting concept to challenge one’s idea of design and attention to detail. This reminds me of a time I...

Lettering Grows in Brooklyn

For all you typophiles out there, Paul Shaw, a calligrapher and typographer highlights the dying hand-lettering of Brooklyn. I’m partial to the ones in Greenpoint (mostly cause of my GP pride), but the things he has to say about Havemeyer and other parts of Williamsburg are nice too. (via laugharn)

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Feltron 2007 Annual Report

Linked from this post on Adaptive Path’s blog: Feltron 2007 Annual Report. It’s a personal year-end review, visualized and designed instead of written.

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Account sign-in mistakes to avoid

From Jared Spool’s excellent webiste, User Interface Engineering. Check out the links for detailed descriptions of each mistake: Account Sign-in: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid Having a Sign-in In The First Place Requiring Sign-in Too Soon Not Stating the Benefits to Registering Hiding the Sign-In Button Not Making “Create New Account” or “Forgot Your Password”...

Pagination examples and good practices

A supplement to a conversation that has come up a couple of times: Pagination Gallery: Examples and Good Practices The author lists seven keys to good pagination: Provide large clickable areas Don’t use underlines Identify the current page Space out page links Provide Previous and Next links Use First and Last links (where applicable) Put...

“What happens when the $100 laptop actually gets used?”

This blog post has some thought-provoking (but unfavorable) commentary about the design process behind the laptop and links to more favorable reviews of the device itself. For example, this one from the BBC which claims “the children [in a Nigerian pilot study] – most of whom had never seen a computer before March – have...

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the fulton fence

I spent some time in the financial district recently and started noticing some very strangely designed construction. As it turns out, there is a design project on view throughout the construction area until some time in 2008. Here is the corresponding website that … parallels the physical intervention in lower Manhattan, and explores the notion...

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Food pairing visualizations

Some of them don’t make sense to me (raspberries and peas?) but the visualizations are a interesting new way to think about an old problem.

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15 excellent examples of web typography

Compiled by I Love Typography. On a related note, I highly recommend Helvetica, the documentary about the font (fontumentary?).

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