Wave Hill Launches

This week we launched the new website for Wave Hill, the beautiful public garden and cultural center that overlooks the Hudson River in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. As with any cultural institution, be it a garden, museum, park, or theater, our challenge was to design and build a site that would showcase the best...

Direction aware hovers

Direction aware hovering effects are relatively new to the HTML/CSS/JS realm and codrops has just put out a really great tutorial detailing the philosophy and code behind them. View it here The demo is especially nice as it is an example of how it might be used in the real world. I highly recommend taking...

More case studies for UX, please

Today UX Magazine launched their new reviews section, offering a look at a social weather app called Weathermob. In his review, Sachendra Yadav runs through the basic functionality before getting into gritty UX details like navigation interface and sign-in. It’s a quick runthrough, enough to entice you to download and dig deeper, or just skim for quick takeaways....

224 New Colors!

In 1963 Pantone release its first guide with 500 colors.  And now, 47 years later, Pantone is releasing 556 new colors in The Plus Series, bringing the grand total of Pantone colors to 5,024.   With latest release of Pantone colors also comes a digital version with apps for the iPad and iPhone.  Check out this...

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Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. Have a chair.

Kit Kat’s new campaign takes their ads and turns them into chairs with no tools required.  Launched as an experimental ad campaign in New Zealand, the chairs can be assembled in a few minutes by pulling off the poster’s six wooden pieces and slotting them together.  The chair posters are being strategically placed in park...

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A Logo Merger

A couple days ago Continental Airlines and United announced their merger, becoming the largest carrier. United was the “cooler” airline of the two, with it’s Saul Bass designed tulip icon and clean typography.  They describe themselves as having “a bold, yet simple design, representing the spirit of the United brand.”  Continental, on the other hand,...

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The things we’re doing with plastic….

Green, sustainability, and recycling are all buzz words we hear in today’s culture.  But what’s actually being done?  Here are a few awesome stories about how plastic is being used: Design student Anna Bullus started thinking about recycling gum after walking on her campus’ spotted sidewalks.  She realized that gum is simply modified rubber, and...

Color Capture

At the Architectural Digest Show this past weekend I heard about an App from Benjamin Moore “Color Capture”.  This app allows you to take a picture, or use a picture from your library and match a color.  (It is similar to the eyedropper tool on Photoshop.)  You can see the spectrum of colors that exist...

Oooh, Aaah.. Color Scheme Designer 3!

We recently discovered this great online color palette tool that had all of us in design giddy about it. You can create all kinds of palettes for online use, from mono to complementary and beyond. The contrast and saturation levels can be adjusted and previews are available to show you your palette on light and...

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DBP, Renée Rouleau, Blenderbox Honored with W3 Gold Awards

Blenderbox is thrilled to announce this year’s W3 honors — two Gold awards in the Tourism and Homepage categories for Downtown Brooklyn Partnership’s “It’s the Moment” campaign site, and one Gold award in the Beauty and Cosmetics category for the Renée Rouleau Skin Care site! This awards cycle received

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Is it just me?

Or are there striking similarities between odopod’s and big spaceship’s new websites? From the ubiquitous gallery slideshow to the portfolio thumbnails. Or perhaps it’s a case of great minds think alike? You be the judge.

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One of the great things about working at Blenderbox is being surrounded by people that are constantly trying to better themselves in one way or another.  Blenderboxers are a curious bunch, always looking to do more, learn more, and create more, and in no instance is this more apparent than during the semi-annual celebration of...

Blenderbox Takes Home 5 Summit Creative Awards

Blenderbox is pleased to announce our most recent SCA wins – two Bronze awards for 7 World Trade Center Events and BackboneNYC, two Silver awards for World Trade Center and the Bedford Cheese Shop, and a Gold medal for the Clinton Presidential Center website! The Summit Creative Awards were created in an effort to recognize...

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Blenderbox Launches Hewlett Beta

When Blenderbox first engaged with the Hewlett Foundation to redesign their existing site, Hewlett wanted Cologne 60’s fact find others so http://generaldrugstore.com/erectile-dysfunction.html a each that and the also. to be sure that their site's users would stand to benefit first and foremost. So Blenderbox developed beta.hewlett.org, allowing the Foundation to gather feedback from the site's...

Launched: the New + Improved Backbone NYC

Earlier this week, on behalf of longtime client Backbone NYC, Blenderbox launched the newly-redesigned backbonenyc.com. Back in 2005, Blenderbox created a compelling Flash-based website to showcase Backbone's high-quality retouching and pre-press capabilities.  In the intervening years, Backbone's already robust portfolio grew by leaps and bounds, eventually outgrowing their portfolio section. paper writing service With the...

Introducing Compost

This past weekend was the Rails Rumble and a team of intrepid blenderbox developers hunkered down in our Brooklyn headquarters and, in a mere 48 hours, produced a slick new web app: Compost. Compost is the simple way to post, share, and present your design comps. More than just a slideshow, Compost allows you to...

Font Conference

Funny to see fonts personified though I'm not sure if I agree with Comic Sans as superman… treatment for sciatica zp8497586rq

The desktop, literally

“Layered Desktop,” by Gabriel Radic. The desktop has been the primary GUI metaphor of operating systems for the last thirty years. Over that time, newer operating systems have stretched the desktop metaphor pretty thin, in the interests of better usability and faster task completion. For example, remember when Apple’s System 7 would open each folder...

The "tight collaboration" that created TimesPeople

Khoi Vinh on getting good ideas out faster by collaborating closely: TimesPeople is the result of a tight collaboration between a small team of our technologists and designers and, for a new feature on our site, they managed to launch it in something like record time. It was actually a lot of fun bringing it...