Styling search input types in HTML5

For some strange reason, Safari likes to hijack the styles of an input with type=”search” in HTML5. It makes them appear all ‘Apple OS’ like. It can be very annoying, and until recently, I thought it was very un-avoidable. Fret not my dear CSS legends! You too can take back control and keep your forms...

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bundler installing gems into the rails root directory

I’m working on the new website and we’re doing it in rails 3. I’ve had a great experience with rails 3 so far and all of the changes are really great. However, I ran bundle install from my root directory today and all of a sudden, my bundler installed all of my gems into...

before and after

A client came to us recently and asked us to duplicate the functionality seen on this nytimes article. One of our talented designers, Jacks, came up with an updated design and passed it along to me for development. At first glance, it seems like something that would be a little tricky to re-create without flash....

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Terminal Opacity

I upgraded my Ubuntu machine to the latest LTS build last week and was quickly disappointed that my terminal no longer had opacity. No matter what I did, the window would just appear as a solid color. I tried googling, etc. but couldn’t find any solution online. I gave up and ended up editing my...

Superscript and subscript with dynamic flash text

We recently came across an old issue that I’ve experienced with flash, dynamic text, and superscripts before, but some of our other developers had never seen before, so I thought I would create an entry for posterity’s sake. The issue is as follows, you want to enter superscript into an HTML enabled text field, so...

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Windows console ‘ls’ tip

I’ve been using the console a lot more on my windows machine here at blenderbox, and I find myself typing in the unix command ‘ls’ to display the directory listing over and over.  Each time I want to display the directory, I end up having to type in two commands.  I finally decided to do...

The Cryptic Canvas

Empire magazine is celebrating their 20th anniversary with a pretty cool flash based application. I have seen similar things like this before, but this in particular is very well executed. Try to find all 50 movies hidden within this painting Cryptic Canvas My favorite so far is Liar Liar. See if you can find that...

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Flash to get better indexing in search engines

Adobe has finally publicly acknowledged their very important problem with SEO and Flash and has made an effort to make Flash content easier for search engines (specifically Yahoo! and Google) to index by collaborating with both Google and Yahoo!. From the press release: Adobe is providing optimized Adobe® Flash® Player technology to Google and Yahoo!...

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Colin Moock interviews Jim Corbett

A really nice interview with one of the flash player engineers. They talk about ecmascript 4, the future of the web browser, silverlight, actionscript 3, web politics, etc. It’s really worth a watch (or listen in my case). watch it on the FITC site via colin’s blog

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John Resig just ported over the Processing project to Javascript. Some really cool demos are coming out of it. live molten pie chart springs It’s some pretty amazing stuff. via > via waxy

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flash projects

While perusing the ever important in preparation for some upcoming flash work, I came across some really great open source flash projects I thought might be interesting to some. movie masher Facilitates easy navigation of video, audio and image assets as well as effects, transitions and themes. Media can simply be dragged into the...

Further evidence that Apple is the new Microsoft.

Recently it has been in the press that Apple has said they will not put the Flashplayer onto the iPod touch or the iPhone because they say the lite version isn’t good enough for the iPhone. Adobe then said they were going to make a player anyways using the newly released SDK, but quickly realized...

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follow the pass

A great PSA out of the UK about paying attention to cyclists. It’s an interesting lesson about focus and how it changes your view of the overall picture. the source dothetest

my new favorite firefox extension

I was recently viewing my friends list on flickr and was once again it was taking to long to load each page. In my frustration, I went looking for a firefox add-on to ease my pain and I found quite possibly the best add-on ever. Pic lens. It’s an add-on for popular sites that use...

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css and rollovers

I’ve recently stopped using javascript to do rollovers when reasonable. It’s much nicer because you don’t have to write onmouseover or onmouseout events, and it works without javascript. It’s also prevents a weird ‘blink’ (especially in IE) when rolling over if the image isn’t loaded in cache. The trick is to create one image that...

communication breakdown.

this is what happens when clients and vendors have a communication breakdown Customer: ‘Yes, I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week.’ Employee: ‘Whatchu want on da cake?’ Customer: ‘Best Wishes Suzanne.’ And underneath that ‘We will miss you’.

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design or walmart

A website from Graydon Parrish, a painter, and Mikhail Simkin, an electrical engineer at UCLA, Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture challenges people to choose between the work of Donald Judd and furniture from Walmart. It’s an interesting concept to challenge one’s idea of design and attention to detail. This reminds me of a time I...

Lettering Grows in Brooklyn

For all you typophiles out there, Paul Shaw, a calligrapher and typographer highlights the dying hand-lettering of Brooklyn. I’m partial to the ones in Greenpoint (mostly cause of my GP pride), but the things he has to say about Havemeyer and other parts of Williamsburg are nice too. (via laugharn)

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