uninitialized constant Capistrano::Configuration::SSHKit

I recently upgraded a rails project to use the latest and greatest version of capistrano (3.0.0) and was faced with this rather unusual error when running any rake command. After a lot of trouble shooting and digging into the new capistrano gem’s source, I realized the error was actually thrown by including the capistrano_colors gem in my project, a gem that adds colors to make the capistrano output easier to read.

I filed a ticket with the capistrano_colors gem and as it turns out, they’ve included it in the current release of capistrano, so capistrano output will be much more legible by default from now on.

TLDR: Remove the capistrano_colors gem from your project and you’ll still have pretty colors.


    Robert D. French |

    Just ran into this as well. Thanks for posting.

    Eduardo |

    Tks for post! I’m was founding about this error :)

    Eduardo |

    *I’m was searching, and I find here.