Front-end development bundle for Google Reader

Paul Irish, one of our favorite front-end devs, put together a list of must-read blogs for front-end development. At a whopping 258 feeds, it’s a pretty heavy hitter. Luckily, one of the commenters of the original post culled it down to the essential blogs (the ones with posts in the last 6 months). That comment was later deleted, but not before I grabbed it and added a couple of my own! You can get it here.

I’m already a big fan of CSS-Tricks and that are on this list, so I’m looking forward to some other gems this might uncover.

There are a lot of good resources in this list. I’m a little wary of the amount of cross posting that must go on between that amount of blogs, but I’m going to keep an eye on it and remove any that really just re-post what others are saying.

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