A Logo Merger

A couple days ago Continental Airlines and United announced their merger, becoming the largest carrier.

United was the “cooler” airline of the two, with it’s Saul Bass designed tulip icon and clean typography.  They describe themselves as having “a bold, yet simple design, representing the spirit of the United brand.”  Continental, on the other hand, last updated their logo in the 1990s with a more refined, formal look.  So, how do these two brands come together?  You be the judge.

Someone decided it would be best to have both worlds.  So, they used the United name and Continental’s look and came up with this.
Personally, I feel that United got the shorter end of this stick.  At a glance you don’t even realize that the name as changed because the typography and logo are associated with Continental.  It is rumored that this is just a stop gap measure, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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