The things we’re doing with plastic….

Green, sustainability, and recycling are all buzz words we hear in today’s culture.  But what’s actually being done?  Here are a few awesome stories about how plastic is being used:

A gum drop bucket in London.

Design student Anna Bullus started thinking about recycling gum after walking on her campus’ spotted sidewalks.  She realized that gum is simply modified rubber, and should be able to be recycled.  After 8 months she perfected the process of turning gum into pellets, and then into a plastic using secret additives.  The plastic is now being used to create seat cushions that feel like memory foam, and there are more products to come!  Learn more here.

MSLK, a strategic brand, packaging, and web firm, is embarking on a new eco-art installation called Take-Less. In the past, they have created installations to raise awareness of society’s mindless consumption of plastic.  This year they are focusing on take-out food and fast food containers, as 2,629 take-out meals are consumed in the United States every second.  The installation will make viewers aware of their habits and the societal norm, and encourage them to explore alternatives to plastic.  See the installation at the Figment Art Festival located on Governor’s Island from June 11-13th.

What would you do with 111 plastic bottles?  Coca Cola and Emeco joined forces to create the 111 Navy Chair.  Based off the 1944 U.S Navy Chair, the new chair will be 60% PET, with a combination of other materials for strength.
DWR_111navy group04

Check out to learn more about this project.


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    Here is a link with a follow up article about the 111 Navy Chair.

    There is also a reception for the launch of this product during ICFF.
    Reception: May 16, 6pm – 10pm
    Design Within Reach, 408 West 14th Street
    Come celebrate a special collaboration between Coca-Cola, Emeco, and Design Within Reach. Cocktails courtesy of Bacardi and Coca-Cola and tacos courtesy of the CalexicoCart.

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