Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Terminal Opacity

I upgraded my Ubuntu machine to the latest LTS build last week and was quickly disappointed that my terminal no longer had opacity. No matter what I did, the window would just appear as a solid color. I tried googling, etc. but couldn’t find any solution online.

I gave up and ended up editing my background profile and fixed it totally by accident. I switched my background from transparent to a solid color and then back to transparent and voilà! transparency was back.

I’m not 100% sure why the issue happened in the first place-anyone?-but I hope that someone finds this fix out there.


    David |

    Just upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10 and noticed the same issue. It looks like there is a bug already reported on launchpad for this link to bugs.launchpad.net. Just noticed though that switching the radio boxes on the Background tab got it working. I switched from Transparent (the state when i upgraded from 9.10) to Solid Color and then to Background Image and the transparency bar started working.

    James |

    Thanks guys – I had the same prob – your tip worked a treat :)

    tixetsal |

    Try enabling compiz.

    Phil Goetz |

    I have the opposite problem – I just installed Ubuntu 10.10, and I find my terminal windows are not opaque! This is REALLY ANNOYING! I’m trying to do heavy-duty coding here, and I see images from Web pages in my code.

    How do I make my terminal completely opaque?

    Gary Phillips |

    I couldn’t get mine to opaque by choosing ‘Solid Color’, but choosing ‘Transparent Background’ and then moving the slider to ‘Maximum’ did it (I had already chosen black as my background, you may have to also).