Color Capture

At the Architectural Digest Show this past weekend I heard about an App from Benjamin Moore “Color Capture”.  This app allows you to take a picture, or use a picture from your library and match a color.  (It is similar to the eyedropper tool on Photoshop.)  You can see the spectrum of colors that exist within the photo and also save colors  you like.  Although designed for Interior Designers and Architects, this apps also has a place in the graphic design world.  So, next time you see something you like, take and picture and use the app to figure out the colors!



    Iain |

    Would be great if it gave the closest PMS color and hex value, but I assume it doesn’t (for obvious reasons).

    Kelly |

    It doesn’t, but Pantone has released some apps that do. In fact, with The Plus Series you can get an iPad app as well.