I Got to Touch a Sloth!

Who would have thought that going to the NSTA Conference in Philly last week would have been so much fun?  Don’t get me wrong, hanging with teachers can pretty much guarantee good times, but, sloths, penguins, millipedes, stick bugs, black widows, tarantulas, etc…Not to mention the ability to build myself out of Lego’s?…I was blown away.

I went to the conference to hang with National Geographic, one of the many well respected brands on our client roster.  They had a booth at the conference and we saw it as a great opportunity to represent our work, as Nat Geo was showing screen shots of the education site that we are on the brink of launching for them. It was also a great opportunity to see what’s going on out there in the education industry and meet some key influencers in the community.  I was overwhelmed by the technology and pure fun that was circulating the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  I met passionate educators from Lego, The Discovery Channel, The American Museum of Natural History, Texas Instruments, Subaru, and yes even Toyota.  The conference was filled with industry leaders who were amazingly perky despite the long day and lack of chairs.

The Sea World exhibit was by far the highlight of my day however.  They had a live sloth named Harry….of course…who was the most active sloth I have ever seen.  Granted the only other sloth I have seen was high up in a tree in Costa Rica..covered in moss…and didn’t move…I guess it could have been a stick…but regardless, Harry was not a stick…he was active, had horrible teeth, long nails and was about 20 years old.  Long story short I have an awesome job and get to play with Sloths!

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