“Are you on facebook?” Is this the new “Can I have your number?”

I am in the process of reading Socialnomics by Eirk Qualman.  His books talk about how social media transforms the way we live, the business we do and the world we live in.  In Chapter 4, Social-Media = Braggadocian Behavior, he talks about how social media is changing the way people date.

If we take a look at dating over the last 10 years, people use to give out their home phone number.  Then people started giving out their e-mail address instead, which led to cell phones and text messages.  Today people just ask “Are you on Facebook, hi5, or Linked In?” or another social media network.

Qualman goes on to say, “[Today] the first date is more like a fourth date, you aren’t asking questions like, ‘Where did you go to college?’ or ‘What are your hobbies?’” Common friends, photos along with what you do, and who you work for all provide insight into their personality.  “It makes you feel more secure knowing that the other person isn’t a lunatic.”  He later states that:

1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S last year met via social media

Some say that social media is a fad, others say that is revolutionizing society.  Check out this video, Social Media Revolution, to find more facts from Qualman to form your own opinion. Whatever social media is, it is definitely interesting to say the least…

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