One of the great things about working at Blenderbox is being surrounded by people that are constantly trying to better themselves in one way or another.  Blenderboxers are a curious bunch, always looking to do more, learn more, and create more, and in no instance is this more apparent than during the semi-annual celebration of knowledge known fondly as the Blendercise.

Blendercises are our own particular brand of continuing education; an opportunity for designers to teach us some of the finer points of Photoshop, for developers and information architects to teach us the best SEO techniques, or for project managers to provide tips on organization that might help us in our constant struggle to keep our time sheets up to date.  They’re a way for each department to learn more about the day-to-day work of others and to take away valuable information that makes us stronger individually and as a team.

Anyone can suggest a topic for a Blendercise, and with the constant stream of innovations in web technology, we’re never at a loss for new material.  Previous Blendercises have covered a diverse range of subjects, from SEO and Google Analytics to Photoshop and Web Form Design, and many more are yet to come.

Currently scheduled Blendercises include sessions on InDesign and Sitecore, but with an increased interest in projects requiring open-source development and a variety of opportunities for professional development outside of the Blenderbox office, 2009 may be our biggest year yet for tech-centric Blendercises.


    Dave |

    Great post Heather! Blendercises are a great idea. Any plans on opening up blendercises to the public?

    Would be a great way to share some of knowledge all the bboxers have with some brooklyn locals and others involved in the NY tech/interactive scene!

    HOLLA :-)