SEO Tip: 301 Redirect

This may be a refresh for the SEO experts out there, but this came up in conversation today at the office and I thought I'd share my new found knowledge!

When a search engine indexes pages it considers and to be two different websites. While the idea of indexing twice sounds good, it is in fact bad for your Search Engine Optimization!

The popularity of your link is split between the two URLS, decreasing the value of each link and subsequently your site content.

The good news is there is a simple solution.

Create a 301 redirect on the site without the 'www.' to make the site permanently redirect to your 'www.' domain, combining your link popularity to represent the true value – and in the end improve your search result rankings!

If you found this tip helpful, please share the knowledge :-)



    Brijesh |


    I’ve an SEO question for you.

    I’ve two domains.

    Which of the following is better in terms of SEO.
    1. One of the domains redirected to the other with a ‘301 redirect’
    2. Both domains as separate websites(with similar content) with both pointing to each other.

    For now, both of these domains have PR3.


    Caleb |

    @Brijesh, it would be better to have one domain redirect to the other domain. Duplicate content on two domains devalues your content to search engines.