Introducing Compost

This past weekend was the Rails Rumble and a team of intrepid blenderbox developers hunkered down in our Brooklyn headquarters and, in a mere 48 hours, produced a slick new web app: Compost.

Compost is the simple way to post, share, and present your design comps.

More than just a slideshow, Compost allows you to control your presentation and your message. Now your clients see what you want them to see, when you want them to see it.

Sharing comps is easy:

  1. Post. Give your gallery a name and upload your comps. Upload as many images as you need – all at once.
  2. Share. Invite people to view your new gallery. Emails are sent to your clients with a unique URL for their gallery.
  3. Present. Control your viewer’s experience in real-time – remotely! With complete control of your presentation, you decide when, and for how long, each image appears on-screen. The viewer – your client – sits back and watches the show.
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