Psychogeography is such an amazing thing!

With our recent office move, it’s opened up a completely new world of store exploration options.

Ahem, in today’s special episode of “Connie goes out for lunch” –

* Beautiful day outside, 72 degrees & lots of fluffy cloud cover
* Quick phone call to my Mom after passing a bait & tackle store on Manhattan Ave
* When walking the aisles of the Polish “Dean & Deluca” style grocery store, the tension comes to a head with the decision between Polish corn curls and Polish corn springs. Both have an amazing graphic of a partially shucked ear of smiling corn. The ingredient list contains only corn meal. Vegan!

photo credit:  Danielle McNamara

photo credit: Danielle McNamara

* The corn “springs” win! Eight servings! Per serving, 1 gram of protein & 31 calories!
* When you pull one end, the entire thing springs up and down! Tastes like Styrofoam!
* Back in the office, we learned that when placed in water, the corn springs floats and do not instantly expand. It expands SLOWLY in an “U” shape, as the middle on the bottom expands and the middle on the top remains tightly wound.
* The turtles were not interested in eating the pre-water soaked corn snacks.

End credits roll. Back to phone system wrangling and computer software license herding.

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