Why you should test your ad campaigns

I came across a great metaphor describing why multivariate testing of ad campaign landing pages (with a tool such as Google Website Optimizer) makes for a much more effective use of the money in an advertising budget.

The traditional way to do this is as follows:

  • Agree campaign budget
  • Build and sign off creatives (PPC ads, key words/phrases, landing page, offer details)
  • Take a sack of money
  • Move to top of building
  • Shake money out of sack
  • Sit back and hope

The better way to do this:

  • Agree budget
  • Brainstorm all the things we’d like to test (buttons, text, call to action msgs etc.)
  • Take 5% of budget and finalise *multiples* of these elements to test
  • Spend the 5% sending traffic to a multi-variate test
  • Find the ideal creative (based on conversion data)
  • Put this live
  • Spend the other 95% of the budget

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