Managing 50+ blogs on

From Khoi Vinh's ongoing Q&A session:

Over the past two-plus years, as The Times newsroom has embraced blogging with tremendous alacrity, we've created over 150 blogs, and over a third of those remain active today.

The challenge is even more complex when you consider that, though each blog has its own needs, the vast majority must be based on a single template (within WordPress, our Web log publishing system) that manages all of the blogs together. As you can imagine, that requires that the template be very versatile and that our designers be very nimble.

So by virtue of the fact that we're constantly launching new blogs, we're also in a perpetual state of revision and refinement. We're fine-tuning the typography, adding new features to the right-hand column, incorporating new kinds of media content into the articles, etc. All of which is work that may then be reflected back on the other blogs.

I find this really remarkable. I can't help but wonder how difficult it was to get stakeholders to agree to the constraints of a single WordPress template. By standardizing the blog creation process, they now have an agile publishing system that imposes creative constraints but has been able to grow rapidly with

Imagine being the guy in charge of maintaining these blogs though.



    Caleb |

    I remember when the Freakonomics blog moved over to the times and there was a huge fuss made about the changes to the rss feeds (smaller previews designed to drive traffic to the site). I was surprised that they didn’t cave to the demand of its readers.