Further evidence that Apple is the new Microsoft.

Recently it has been in the press that Apple has said they will not put the Flashplayer onto the iPod touch or the iPhone because they say the lite version isn’t good enough for the iPhone. Adobe then said they were going to make a player anyways using the newly released SDK, but quickly realized they couldn’t due to the extreme limitations of the SDK (more here).

At any rate, as the flash guy around here, I was not particularly surprised or thrilled at this news. On further reflection though, I realized the truth – what I am now calling the “Apple Flash Conspiracy.” There have been rumors of Netflix using the newest version of the Flashplayer (which supposedly has DRM capability built in) to start streaming their movies on Apple computers. Apple, now in the movie renting business, stands to lose potential business by allowing this to happen. If I can already watch movies using a subscription I’m already paying for, why rent from iTunes? If they can prevent it from happening on the iPod and iPhone, the better for them.

I realize this is most likely not what is happening, but it’s still something to think about.

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