Read this post in Safari 3.1

Safari 3.1 (released yesterday) offers support for some new HTML & CSS features. There’s a demo on MacRumors.

One of the most exciting, I think, is downloadable font support — you can link to actual font files from the CSS instead of having to use the common “web safe” fonts.

All of these features are just eye candy until Firefox and IE support it, but it offers a little glimpse into the future of web design & development.


    caleb |

    Where does font loading fall within actual web standards?

    Also, is it reasonable to assume that font loading will, in the very least, never get accepted by IE since there would be obvious concerns about font copyrights/licensing? How is the browser loading the font file? I assume it’s being stored somehow, which I would also assume would make most font creators reluctant to have their fonts used in public sites.

    iain |

    For a good time, view this post in IE8.

    Matt |

    Font embedding is part of the CSS3 standard, and it looks like it’s up to the content creators to be sure they have the rights to distribute a font on the web. A List Apart has a good article about it.

    The CSS looks like this:

    @font-face {
    font-family: "Kimberley";
    src: url( format("truetype");
    h1 { font-family: "Kimberley", sans-serif }

    caleb |

    Interesting. should be available around IE 10?