Tip: “Bookmark All Tabs” in Firefox for competitive audits

OK, this is a pretty boring tip but it’s saves me a few minutes of tracking down URLs every time I want to compare something across several websites.

I use the “Bookmark All Tabs” functionality in Firefox to save the state of a competitive audit. This allows me to return to it later (or after Firefox crashes) by using “Open All in Tabs,” which loads all competitors’ websites at once.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open a new window in Firefox, create a new tab for each competitor you’re examining
  2. Go to Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs... and save the set of tabs
    Bookmark all tabs
  3. When you need to re-open a competitive audit, navigate through the Bookmarks menu to your saved tabs and select Open All in Tabs
    Open All in Tabs
  4. Happily resume auditing

This method has the added benefit of recording for posterity the sites you audited for a project.

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