design or walmart

A website from Graydon Parrish, a painter, and Mikhail Simkin, an electrical engineer at UCLA, Donald Judd or Cheap Furniture challenges people to choose between the work of Donald Judd and furniture from Walmart. It’s an interesting concept to challenge one’s idea of design and attention to detail.

This reminds me of a time I went to my friend’s aunt house and said I thought something on her wall was from Ikea. She got very offended and yelled at me saying that it was from an Italian designer in the 70s and that she had paid a lot of money for it. I never assume something is from Ikea anymore.

Sadly, there is a dead give away to tell what the pieces are. I won’t tell you, but I got 100% right on the first try.


    iain |

    I also got 100% on the first try – and I’ve never heard of Donald Judd. What’s the giveaway, though?