Account sign-in mistakes to avoid

From Jared Spool’s excellent webiste, User Interface Engineering. Check out the links for detailed descriptions of each mistake:

Account Sign-in: 8 Design Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Having a Sign-in In The First Place
  2. Requiring Sign-in Too Soon
  3. Not Stating the Benefits to Registering
  4. Hiding the Sign-In Button
  5. Not Making “Create New Account” or “Forgot Your Password” a Button or Link
  6. Not Providing Sign-in Opportunities at Key Locations
  7. Asking for Too Much Information When Registering
  8. Not Telling Users How You’ll Use Their Information

8 More Design Mistakes with Account Sign-in

  1. Not Telling Users the Requirements for Username and Password Up Front
  2. Requiring Stricter Password Requirements Than The NSA
  3. Using Challenge Questions They Won’t Remember In A Year
  4. Not Returning Users to Their Desired Objective
  5. Not Explaining If It’s The Username or Password They Got Wrong
  6. Not Putting A Register Link When The Sign-In Is An Error
  7. Not Giving the User A Non-email Solution To Recover Their Password
  8. Requiring More Than One Element When Recovering Password


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